Jennifer Bayha, Executive Function Coach

Jennifer Bayha is an Executive Function Coach who specializes in teaching students the skills and strategies necessary for individual success. She has been fully trained in the propriety Mind Blossom Coaching approach for executive function skills coaching. By implementing methods best suited to each client, she guides students towards mastering time management and organizational skills while improving overall focus and the ability to work independently. As a result, students will learn to take responsibility for their achievements and build intrinsic motivation.

Jennifer earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Irvine, where she was employed at the Disability Services Center and was trained in organized, legible, thorough note taking to aid students in need of assistance with their studies and enable them to thrive in a university environment.

Jennifer is passionate about helping students accomplish their goals and fully realize their capabilities. She has extensive experience in tutoring students of all ages and has developed expertise to provide the direction and support they need to implement organizational structures essential for academic task completion.